Jim Crowell

James (Jim) Crowell is the Chief Financial Officer and a Director of the Board for Astronauts for Hire, Inc.  He is currently an undergraduate student at Arizona State University, working toward his BS in Earth and Space Exploration with a Concentration in Exploration Systems Design. He is the founder and president of the ASU chapter of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-ASU). He has worked with Dr. Phil Christensen, using the Mars Odyssey thermal emission imaging system (THEMIS), photographing and mapping areas of the Martian surface. He has also been involved in planning phases, with Dr. Matt Fouch and Dr. Kip Hodges, of setting up a network of seismometers across the lunar surface to detect subsurface structure of Earth’s Moon.  Jim is currently employed at Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC), working with Dr. Mark Robinson, analyzing images from the lunar surface in order to prepare for mankind’s return to the Moon.  He is also a NASA Space Grant intern, focusing his research on lunar exploration.

Jim's future plans are to continue on after ASU to graduate school to achieve his PhD in space-related fields. His interests lie primarily with the colonization of moons and planets.  He seeks to begin these processes on both Earth’s Moon and Mars, developing his designs for future generations to ensure the progression of mankind as a space-faring civilization.

Jim has always been captivated by adventure. His interests include mountaineering, backpacking, skydiving, cycling, rock climbing, physical conditioning, aviation, and amateur astronomy. Although his plans to travel into space were originally rooted in the adventurous aspect, he now seeks to improve mankind's well-being by enabling them to move beyond Earth, explore new worlds, and share in the adventure together.