Amnon I. Govrin

Amnon after successfully completing the
NASTAR Suborbital Scientist course
Amnon Govrin is a software industry veteran and a space enthusiast. He writes a blog called Spacepirations ( about space topics from a personal perspective and has also been published on Echoes of Apollo ( He is married and father of three sons, an amateur photographer and violinist. Amnon moved from Israel to Boulder CO in 2002 and has lived in Bellevue WA since 2011.

Amnon has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion university in Haifa, Israel. He currently works at Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager on OneDrive. Amnon has operational experience derived from his Israeli Defense Force service. As a test and experimentation engineer, Amnon conducted terminal ballistics experiments, where crew safety and following check-lists are key. Amnon invented and improved experimentation methodologies and received international recognition for improving precision of behind-armor-debris experiments while shortening decoding time from hours to seconds. After his military service, Amnon worked for several software companies, gaining experience as a software engineer and leading teams to success. Amnon worked at Mercury Interactive, Webroot Software, Amazon and Microsoft. In 2001 he was sent to Boulder CO to spearhead integration of a newly acquired company called Freshwater Software, leveraging technology and people skills to drive collaboration and create a cutting-edge AJAX web-UI framework. In 2008-2010, Amnon led the team that built and released the 2011 Webroot security product line, which received the PC-Magazine Editors' Choice Award. Amnon is also a co-inventor of four patents implemented in Windows 8.1 and OneDrive.

In March 2012 Amnon went through the SIRIUS Protocol A astronaut training program and the Suborbital Scientist training program at the NASTAR Center in Philadelphia.
In November of 2012 Amnon successfully passed the aircraft ditching, underwater egress and sea survival course at ProAviation in Langley, BC, Canada.

Amnon’s space-aspirations stem from his drive to innovate, having done so repeatedly in the terminal ballistic experimentation field and in various software disciplines. A co-founder of Astronuats4Hire, Amnon aspires to help bring forth the time when space will be accessible to more and is helping make that happen through his work at Astronauts4Hire.