Jason Reimuller

Dr. Jason Reimuller has aspired to explore the frontier of space since his earliest recollections, though his motivations now are driven by a desire to facilitate ways to better understand our own world, foster international cooperation, help mature technology that would lead to a more sustainable coexistence with our environment, and contribute towards a foundation that will assure humanities eventual long-term survival.

Jason comes from a diverse background blending scientific research and analysis, engineering, and the operations of aerospace platforms. Jason is an experienced system engineer and project manager and the founder of Integrated Spaceflight Services, a company established from prior experience he had gained while conducting various analyses for NASA’s Constellation Program. Specifically, these analyses involved abort scenario and launch availability analyses, rescue and recovery trade studies, and contingency crew egress testing. In this capacity, he has worked frequently with NASA astronauts and mission planners to integrate elements of programmatic and technical risk with operability, cost, and technical performance measures to support program-level trade studies. Jason gained other engineering experience through work with satellite propulsion systems at Space Systems Loral, LiDAR systems at the Sondrestrom Incoherent Scatter Radar Facility in Greenland, and through entrepreneurial endeavors involving aircraft remote sensing payloads and active hydroponic systems. His exposure to spacecraft operations came first as a space command officer in the US Air Force, serving later as a satellite flight director for Space Systems Loral.

Jason holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He also holds a M.S. degree in Physics from San Francisco State University, a M.S. degree in Aviation Systems from the University of Tennessee, a M.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, and a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology. A recipient of the NASA Graduate Student Research Fellowship, he researches the upper-atmosphere through coordinated observations of noctilucent clouds, where he uses his experience as a multi-engine, instrument rated pilot to fly research aircraft in Northern Canada to obtain imagery synchronized with satellite overpasses. He also conducts research in glaciology to better understand the dynamic changes of the Greenlandic ice sheet by working with NASA’s Operation ICE Bridge, an airborne remote sensing campaign, and integrating the data with space-based and ground-based observations.

Jason is a NAUI SCUBA Divemaster and has completed the NASTAR Suborbital Scientist training program, emergency egress and sea-survival training and unusual attitude flight training. Jason is an avid rugby player, outdoorsman, aviator and guitarist. He speaks Spanish and is currently studying Russian. He travels extensively and has been engaged in several international projects, most recently in Xela, Guatemala.