16 April 2010

A4H Bruce Davis at the Presidential Space Summit

A4H's very own Bruce Davis was among the select few invited to attend the Presidential Space Summit held at the NASA Kennedy Space Center on April 15, 2010. At the event, President Obama outlined his new strategy for human spaceflight, which includes the expanded support for commercial space transportation systems - the same systems that will also enable the nascent suborbital and eventually orbital science research community.


Bruce, who is pictured here with Norm Augustine, shared his impressions and photos from the event on his website spacedavis.com.


  1. I was able to go the the President's speech at KSC and it was AMAZING! We saw Mike Foale and he told us first hand about the fire on Mir. He is so cool!

    This is all so exciting! I<3 SPACE EXPLORATION!

  2. I thought this article would be of interest...


  3. Hey Bruce,
    This is Bill Tandy. You came out to Ball Aerospace a while back and you know me from Karina. I was just checking out the private space stuff and there's your picture on the front page. Karina had already sent me your blog on the Obama visit. Congrats!


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