11 April 2010

A4H Launch!

The Astronauts4Hire website is now live. Please stay tuned for exciting updates as we progress towards becoming some of the first scientist-astronauts ready to fly as commercial payload specialists on suborbital flights. Learn more about our plans on the About A4H page. If you like what you see, consider donating to become a sponsor!

Bigelow Aerospace has already become the first company to advertise for private astronauts, and Blue Origin has already announced the first scientific payloads for its suborbital vehicle. By the time the new breed of private space vehicles are ready, we plan to be qualified to handle jobs like these.

We'll leave you with a recent NPR story that mentions the rising demand for "Astronauts for Hire" like us. To learn more, listen to yesterday's extended Space Show interview with Dr. Alan Stern:

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