08 June 2010

A4H Ben Corbin at the Astronaut Hall of Fame

A4H Ben Corbin (right) with Astronaut Fred Haise (center)
Astronauts4Hire new recruit Ben Corbin attended the 2010 U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction Gala at the Kennedy Space Center this past weekend. Corbin, who is an Astronaut Scholarship recipient (2007-2008), also attended the pre-induction gala on Friday night, which included a dinner beneath the Saturn V rocket with many Hall of Fame astronauts from all U.S. human spaceflight programs. Astronauts attendees included Buzz Aldrin, Scott Carpenter, Walt Cunningham, Fred Haise, Owen Garriot, and Story Musgrave, among many others. This year’s inductees to the Astronaut Hall of Fame were Guion 'Guy' Bluford, Jr., Ken Bowersox, Frank Culbertson, Jr., and Kathy Thornton, all shuttle era astronauts. Corbin’s academic advisor, Jeffrey Hoffman, who is a Hall of Fame Astronaut, was also in attendance.

Corbin speaks with NASA Administrator Bolden.
On Saturday, the formal induction ceremony was held at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex and was hosted by Jon Cryer, co-star of Two and a Half Men. During the post-induction reception, Corbin spoke with NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and shared his support for the new administration’s space plan, specifically the support of commercial spaceflight and how this plan is inspirational to younger generations. Throughout the weekend, Corbin and the other Astronaut Scholars had the opportunity to share meals with the Hall of Fame astronauts and present their research projects in a small conference hosted by Fred Haise. More photos of the event can be found at FirstPhotoStudio.com.

When will the first commercial astronaut be inducted into the Hall of Fame?  Will he or she be a test pilot for one of the new private space vehicles, a space tourist/entrepreneur, or an Astronaut4Hire scientist?


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