16 July 2010

A4H in New Scientist magazine

New Scientist magazine has published an interview with A4H President Brian Shiro titled "Astronaut for hire: Space tourism will help science".  The article touches upon how commercial spaceflight will revolutionize suborbital science and how A4H plans to be a part of it.  More details about A4H are available on our FAQ page.

As the world's #1 science and technology news service, New Scientist is the most widely circulated science publication with a global readership of nearly 900,000.  The article is available online or on newsstands this week in the 17 July 2010 issue (Issue 2769).  A PDF version of the article is also available for download from the A4H website.  A4H thanks New Scientist for taking an interest in our organization and suborbital science.


  1. Hopefully Brian receives the message that the article was as is mentioned published in the recent 17th July edition of 'new scientist' titled ''One minute''... with Brian Shiro, an excellent idea and a good introduction to astronauts4hire, I personally read the article in the library today and can confirm that it is a well coveted magazine, enthusiasts and scientists.

    Hopefully the other authors will be as supportive to the space business as they have been to the advertising of jobs in science.

    Good luck, have a nice day.

    Norman Copeland.


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