21 August 2010

A4H Members Answer YOUR Questions About Professional Astronauts!

You asked, and we answered!

A few weeks ago, Dr. Ethan Siegel of the "Starts With A Bang!" blog asked his readers to send questions to Astronauts4Hire. Many readers responded, and Ethan chose the five best questions for us to answer.

Now we have responded with our answers to the five queries.  Plus, we have an extra-special surprise; in addition to full written responses, we have also provided video responses on our new Astronauts4Hire YouTube Channel. Below is our video response to Question #3: "What are your primary motivations and personal goals for wanting to be an astronaut? Was this your childhood dream? Is there a special scientific, engineering, patriotic, or personal aspiration that you hope to fulfill?"

You can see our other responses to questions #1: what is a commercial astronaut, #2: training, #4: tasks and missions, and #5: Mars on YouTube and on "Starts With A Bang!"  Keep an eye out for future video updates from Astronauts4Hire on our YouTube channel. Special thanks to Dr. Ethan Siegel for this public outreach opportunity!

17 August 2010

A4H Member flies "Coach" on ZERO-G

A4H member and ZERO-G Coach Todd Romberger flew aboard Zero Gravity Corporation’s G-FORCE ONE aircraft out of Dallas, TX last weekend with John Carmack and members of the Armadillo Aerospace team. The flight included one Martian gravity (1/3-G) parabola, two lunar gravity (1/6-G) parabolas, and twelve weightless (0-G) parabolas. This was Todd’s 21st flight as a ZERO-G Coach and brought his total parabolas to 329, equating to roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes of total microgravity time. Video of the flight, taken by Matt Ross of Armadillo Aerospace (with a little camerawork help from Todd), can be found on Armadillo’s YouTube channel.

13 August 2010

A4H Shiro interviewed for Pars3c blog

Astronautst4Hire President Brian Shiro is this week's featured space personality on the Pars3c blog.  In his engaging interview response, Shiro discusses how some of his past experiences led him to co-found A4H, what A4H has been doing so far, and his personal vision for the future of human spaceflight.

In the interview, Shiro explains how A4H will play an important role in defining what it means to be a commercial astronaut. When asked about the future of NASA and commercial human spaceflight, he replied:

Anyone following the discussions on NASA’s future lately has heard a lot about ... commercial vs. government ...  Although the term “commercial crew” is used often, people are usually talking the vehicles and not the astronauts.

In other words, the “crew” has largely been left out of the equation so far.  Astronauts4Hire is filling that void by building a viable solution for developing the commercial astronaut workforce.

Brian joins a long list of interesting people who have been past subjects of Pars3c High 5 posts, including astronauts Scott Parazynski and Kevin Ford.

Pars3c (pronounced “PAR-seck”) is a space blog written by Canadian journalist Elizabeth Howell.  Associated with the Space Tweep Society, her blog offers original articles on astronomy, spaceflight, and other space related topics.  We thank Elizabeth for interviewing Brian and helping spread the word about Astronauts4Hire.

02 August 2010

Have questions? Ask Us!

A4H is proud to announce an exciting opportunity for you to learn more about us.  We've teamed up with the popular science blog Starts With A Bang! (SWAB) to spread the message about A4H.

In the recent post titled "Ask A Commercial Astronaut Anything!", SWAB author Ethan Siegel frames what it means to be an astronaut in the context of the changing space program and how A4H is defining what it means to be a private astronaut.  Ethan concludes the post by challenging his readers to ask us anything they like.

If you could ask a commercial astronaut (in training) anything, what would it be?  So far, folks have posted 20 questions on the SWAB site.  By next week, we plan to answer at least the top five questions, perhaps in both written form and video form on the new A4H YouTube Channel.  Some of the questions may even find their way into our FAQ page.  Although A4H encourages interested parties to contact us at anytime with queries, the SWAB opportunity is a fun way to get people thinking about A4H's role in the commercial spaceflight revolution.

For more on the subject of the evolving astronaut workforce, a recent CNN.com article on "What will inspire tomorrow's rocket scientists?" is also worth a read.