21 August 2010

A4H Members Answer YOUR Questions About Professional Astronauts!

You asked, and we answered!

A few weeks ago, Dr. Ethan Siegel of the "Starts With A Bang!" blog asked his readers to send questions to Astronauts4Hire. Many readers responded, and Ethan chose the five best questions for us to answer.

Now we have responded with our answers to the five queries.  Plus, we have an extra-special surprise; in addition to full written responses, we have also provided video responses on our new Astronauts4Hire YouTube Channel. Below is our video response to Question #3: "What are your primary motivations and personal goals for wanting to be an astronaut? Was this your childhood dream? Is there a special scientific, engineering, patriotic, or personal aspiration that you hope to fulfill?"

You can see our other responses to questions #1: what is a commercial astronaut, #2: training, #4: tasks and missions, and #5: Mars on YouTube and on "Starts With A Bang!"  Keep an eye out for future video updates from Astronauts4Hire on our YouTube channel. Special thanks to Dr. Ethan Siegel for this public outreach opportunity!

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