02 August 2010

Have questions? Ask Us!

A4H is proud to announce an exciting opportunity for you to learn more about us.  We've teamed up with the popular science blog Starts With A Bang! (SWAB) to spread the message about A4H.

In the recent post titled "Ask A Commercial Astronaut Anything!", SWAB author Ethan Siegel frames what it means to be an astronaut in the context of the changing space program and how A4H is defining what it means to be a private astronaut.  Ethan concludes the post by challenging his readers to ask us anything they like.

If you could ask a commercial astronaut (in training) anything, what would it be?  So far, folks have posted 20 questions on the SWAB site.  By next week, we plan to answer at least the top five questions, perhaps in both written form and video form on the new A4H YouTube Channel.  Some of the questions may even find their way into our FAQ page.  Although A4H encourages interested parties to contact us at anytime with queries, the SWAB opportunity is a fun way to get people thinking about A4H's role in the commercial spaceflight revolution.

For more on the subject of the evolving astronaut workforce, a recent CNN.com article on "What will inspire tomorrow's rocket scientists?" is also worth a read.

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