19 September 2010

A4H Alli Taylor interviewed by "Around Space"

A4H member Alli Taylor had the privilege of being interviewed by Dr. Kent Miller, the host of Around Space.  Around Space, a public access television show in the Washington, D.C. metro area, is directed and produced by the local chapter of the National Space Society.  The show expressed interest in our new organization and was eager to lock-in an interview with one of our members.  Alli discussed the initiatives and capabilities of the Astronauts for Hire organization, emphasizing that A4H plans to be the matchmaker between astronaut candidates, spaceflight providers, and the research community.

"Besides discussing the exciting potential our organization holds within the space community, I really enjoyed the experience of being on a TV set followed by dinner with the crew!  I was honored to represent the organization, it was quite an experience."

Dr. Kent Miller (left) and A4H member Alli Taylor

Look for the interview to air within the next few months and an announcement once the show is available online.

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