27 January 2011

A4H at the Commercial Human Spaceflight Technical Forum

Flight member Laura Stiles recently represented Astronauts4Hire (A4H) at the Commercial Human Spaceflight Technical Forum, hosted by Special Aerospace Services in Boulder, Colorado. The invitation-only two-day event provided experts in human spaceflight a forum to discuss what is necessary for industry success, particularly in relation to NASA human rating certification, training, medical qualification, and FAA commercial spaceflight licensing. Distinguished speakers included leaders in the aerospace industry such as Wayne Hale, Dr. Alan Stern, Tim Bulk, NASA Astronauts, FAA representatives, to name a few.

Attending the conference provided the opportunity to engage with people who are key to the Astronauts4Hire organization. For example, Laura met with former astronaut Scott Parazynski and many other accomplished and knowledgeable personnel who can potentially provide input to the A4H organization. Having an A4H representative at this forum was key to keeping at the forefront of the rapidly developing commercial human spaceflight industry.

A photo of Laura operating an experiment in microgravity was also featured in a recent Neon Tommy article about A4H.  Remember, A4H flight member applications are due February 5!