07 May 2011

A4H in Discover Magazine

The June 2011 issue of Discover Magazine includes a 2-page spread called "After the Shuttle: Astronauts for Hire." Featuring interviews with A4H President Brian Shiro and former NASA astronaut Ken Bowersox (now of SpaceX), the article focuses on how the astronaut profession is changing in the post-Shuttle era.  It highlights one of the most important reasons we started Astronauts4Hire in the first place: to recruit and train the next generation of astronauts for the new age of commercial spaceflight.  The article is available on newsstands now.  We thank Discover for taking an interest in A4H and the future of human spaceflight.

Other articles featuring A4H, including last year's New Scientist interview and the widespread media attention paid to our first job, are listed on our Media page.

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