18 May 2011

More Space Beer News

Astronauts4Hire received global media attention in major TV, radio, print, and online news outlets following our September 2010 announcement that Vostok Pty Ltd had hired us to conduct microgravity flight tests of their new space beer.  After some flight schedule changes, we successfully carried out the first space beer test in February 2011, completing our first research contract as "astronauts for hire."  Several news outlets took note of this accomplishment, including Fox News, Discovery News, MSNBC, Slashdot, FOOD Magazine, Beer and Brewer Magazine, and Hemispheres Magazine (on United/Continental Airlines).

Hot on the heels of the successful final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour's STS-134 mission, a new Reuters article titled "Australian beer hopes to boldly go into space" is making waves in the current news cycle.  Drawing upon interviews with Jaron Mitchell of the 4 Pines Brewery and Dr. Jason Held of Saber Astronautics Australia, as well as footage of the Astronauts4Hire Flight Member conducting the experiment, the video that accompanies the Reuters article does a great job explaining the goals and methods behind the project.

The Reuters article has spurred a windfall of new stories appearing so far in CBS News, Fox News, PRI's The World, Sydney Morning Herald, Toronto Sun, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, New Scientist, Forbes, InnovationNewsDaily, Space.com, MSNBC, Discovery News, NTDTV, and CNTV.

A4H thanks the Vostok Space Beer partners for the opportunity to contribute to such a historic project.  The Principal Investigator of the experiment Dr. Jason Held had this to say about A4H:

We hired Astronauts4Hire to support our first microgravity flight experiment because of the demonstrated experience of their team and their ability to accomplish the job...  A4H delivered everything with consummate professionalism and diligence, with the attention to detail expected from medical and aerospace field research.  Thank you A4H!

If you have an experiment that needs tending or a product that needs testing in microgravity, A4H's versatile team of researchers is up for the challenge.


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