28 June 2011

Press Release: Astronauts4Hire Announces Summer Training Schedule


June 28, 2011

Astronauts4Hire Announces Summer Training Schedule

Tampa, Florida – The inaugural Astronauts4Hire training class will perform a series of group astronaut training activities leading to eventual research specialist qualification during the month of July 2011.

"Our training providers have been carefully chosen to provide comprehensive initial and recurring training for Astronauts4Hire," said Chief Operating Officer Dr. Jason Reimuller. "Their training programs will indoctrinate our candidates to the environment where they will be conducting experiments, greatly increasing the probability of full mission success. Candidates will also be well prepared to effectively react to possible mission contingencies."

The upcoming group training activities include:

  • July 6-8: Survival Systems USA
    Astronauts4Hire training participants will complete emergency escape and sea survival courses at Survival Systems USA located in Groton, CT. These programs will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to remain calm and react appropriately to on-board emergencies requiring evacuation from a spacecraft in over- or under-water situations.

  • July 11-13: NASTAR Center
    Astronauts4Hire training participants will complete the Suborbital Scientist Training Program at the NASTAR Center located in Southampton, PA. They will undergo high altitude, G-tolerance, distraction, and spaceflight physiology training focused on the needs of suborbital scientist-astronauts.

  • July 14: Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Laboratory
    Astronauts4Hire training participants will tour and test the facilities at the Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Laboratory located at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. They will gain a first-hand understanding of how unusual force environments affect human sensorimotor control and orientation.

Astronauts4Hire members also plan to complete microgravity flight and wilderness survival group training activities later this year as well as accomplish individual training elements such as SCUBA diving certification, an aerobatic flight training course, and self-study theoretical courses on the space environment, spacecraft systems, and human factors.

"This is a major step for us," said Astronauts4Hire President Brian Shiro. "Training as a team and leveraging the collective power of the group are key aspects of the Astronauts4Hire philosophy. These training activities will prepare Astronauts4Hire members for a wide variety of suborbital missions and will pave the way for future opportunities."

15 June 2011

A4H Supports DC Area Outreach Events

A4H Flight Member Kristine Ferrone recently presented at Alice Deal Middle School's Space Exploration Day held at American University in Washington, DC on June 3, 2011. Other groups represented at the day-long event included FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation, First Orbit, Giraffe 'n' Ant, International Space University, NASA, New Space Magazine, Virgin Galactic, We Want Our Future, and more. Beginning with discussions of astronomy and early human spaceflight, the presenters transitioned to space tourism and commercial space by the afternoon.

Ferrone engaged the 300 sixth grade students with a 20 minute presentation on Astronauts4Hire and what it is like to train as an astronaut. The excited students asked many questions about A4H training activities including NASTAR, SCUBA diving, microgravity flights, and survival training. They also enjoyed watching a video of an A4H Flight Member participating in a microgravity flight.  The class was asked who would like to become astronauts for hire someday. The show of hands in the photo below is a good indication of their enthusiasm for commercial human spaceflight!

Ferrone with the class of sixth graders from Alice Deal Middle School. Those raising their hands would like to become Astronaut4Hire!

The next day, Kristine joined A4H Flight Member Alli Taylor at the Federation of Galaxy Explorers' 10th annual Galaxy Ball.  The festivities began with a cocktail hour and silent auction of space trinkets, including commemorative Vostok Space Beer coasters flown by an A4H researcher on a microgravity test flight. Taylor and Ferrone had the opportunity to speak with Bill Nye “the Science Guy”, who was very interested in A4H. The event also included the presentation of several awards from the Federation of Galaxy Explorers for major contributions in the field of spaceflight education.

A4H Flight Members Taylor and Ferrone with Mr. Bill Nye "the Science Guy".

Inspiring the next generation of space explorers is an important aspect of the A4H mission.  We thank Alice Deal Middle School and the Federation of Galaxy Explorers for the opportunity to participate in these inspiring events.