27 August 2011

A4H featured in the journal Nature

If you're an aspiring commercial astronaut wanting to fly experiments in space, how can you make that happen? That is the focus of a new article appearing in this week's issue of the journal Nature (Volume 476, Number 7361, pp 477-478, doi:10.1038/nj7361-477a). It features interviews with A4H's Jason Reimuller and Brian Shiro on how Astronauts4Hire is creating a new model of astronaut training in the era of private spaceflight. The pair discuss ways the A4H organization is preparing them to realize their own space research goals and the prospects for future flight opportunities with carriers like Virgin Galactic, which already has a contract with SwRI researchers.

In this new feature, author Katharine Sanderson follows up on her related February 2010 Nature article which discussed how the commercial spaceflight industry is opening opportunities for researchers like never before. We thank her for the chance to expose A4H to Nature readers. Nature is one of the world's most highly respected and cited interdisciplinary science journals.

Other popular scientific publications featuring Astronauts4Hire include last year's Discover , New Scientist, and Physics Today interviews, as well as the widespread media attention paid to our first research job (listed here and here). For more information on A4H, please see our Media page.