15 December 2011

A4H Webinar on Astronaut Selection

Duane Ross (credit NASA)
The fundamental purpose of Astronauts4Hire is to provide for the needs of aspiring astronauts. While we are focused primarily on commercial spaceflight opportunities, a number of our members are also keenly interested in becoming NASA astronauts. With NASA's recent announcement that it is looking for new Astronaut Candidates, we thought there would be no better way to launch our public webinar capability with Fuze Meeting than by hosting a conversation on the current NASA opportunity with the Astronaut Selection Office. We are grateful that NASA's Astronaut Selection Manager Mr. Duane Ross participated in the event as our special guest expert.

The event was well-attended by 100 interested potential astronaut applicants, who were all encouraged to submit questions beforehand. We compiled the 100+ questions received into the top 20 to provide the main structure for the conversation. An open question and answer period at the end provided a further opportunity for guests to ask questions. The full list of questions and detailed notes describing Mr. Ross' responses are available as a PDF download.

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