23 June 2012

A4H and Vital Space in the news

On our recent NASA-funded parabolic flights with partner Vital Space, A4H helped evaluate Sotera Wireless's new FDA-approved biomedical monitoring system in the microgravity environment in order to advance the safety of spaceflight for everyone. The first news media stories associated with A4H's second parabolic research project are out, and we'd like to share them with you.

The principal investigators of the study doctors Komatireddy and Barrett from the Scripps Translational Science Institute were on three local news programs this week talking about the project's goals to better understand and monitor the human body's response to spaceflight. Their live interviews include footage of A4H flight members Reimuller and Shiro testing the Sotera device in microgravity. You can watch all three video segments below:

KUSI TV Good Morning San Diego (also watch on YouTube):

KGTV ABC 10 News San Diego (text here, also watch on YouTube):

KSWD FOX 5 News San Diego (text here, also watch on YouTube):