20 March 2013

Press Release: Astronauts4Hire Announces Commercial Astronaut Candidate Application Opportunity


March 20, 2013

Astronauts4Hire Announces Commercial Astronaut Candidate Application Opportunity

Tampa, Florida – Astronauts4Hire (A4H) is pleased to announce that it is seeking highly qualified candidates to expand its cadre of prospective commercial astronauts. Individuals interested in becoming Flight Members can submit applications via the Astronauts4Hire website at http://forms.astronauts4hire.org/FMapplication by April 20, 2013. Selectees will be announced during the first week of June 2013 at the Next-generation Suborbital Researchers Conference in Broomfield, Colorado.

A4H Flight Members must speak English fluently and hold at least a Master's degree or equivalent in a relevant field of science or engineering. Exceptional applicants who are current students expecting to graduate within two years will also be considered. Those selected as A4H astronaut candidates should possess a unique combination of scientific expertise, broad technical and operational skills, and a history of activities showing adaptability in challenging environments. Finalists will be asked to provide an FAA Class 3 medical certificate and verification of credentials within 90 days of selection and will be expected to complete Research Specialist Astronaut training within two years of selection.

"I am thrilled to once again expand our Flight Member team with motivated, highly competent candidates to keep pace with the emerging needs of commercial spaceflight research missions," remarked A4H President Brian Shiro. "I encourage anyone interested in a career as a commercial astronaut to apply."

Astronauts4Hire provides its member community with training discounts and a support structure to achieve members’ space training goals in order to maximize preparation for space flights. As A4H’s astronaut candidates, Flight Members follow a progressive, integrated training program that emphasizes the ability to perform missions effectively during all phases of flight as well as manage contingencies.

About Astronauts4Hire:
Astronauts for Hire, Inc. (A4H) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose objectives are to provide opportunities for students and professionals to develop and refine the skills necessary to become commercial astronauts and to assist these qualified candidates with networking opportunities in the space research community. A4H's commercial astronaut candidates are accomplished scientists and engineers who can support a wide variety of payloads. They are available today for contract and consulting work with researchers to design and conduct experiments on microgravity, suborbital, and orbital missions. For more information, please visit www.Astronauts4Hire.org or contact Public Relations Officer Ben Corbin at media[at]astronauts4hire.org or at (850) 685-2218.

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Interested parties can download and distribute the press release as a MS Word or Adobe PDF document.


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