05 May 2016

The First National Astronaut Day

Today, May 5, 2016, marks the first celebration of the NEW National Astronaut Day, created by marketing and management firm Uniphi Space Agency, who represents and arranges travel for astronauts to special events like keynote presentations, book signings, corporate and private events, conferences, and more.

Uniphi celebrated with an online proclamation of National Astronaut Day and an global social media celebration where astronauts, other space industry professionals, and space enthusiasts all came together to discuss their love for space, using the hashtags #NationalAstronautDay and #WeBelieveInAstronauts.

So, what is an astronaut?

According to Google, an astronaut is "a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft."

Dictionary.com says "a person engaged in or trained for spaceflight," and Merriam-Webster defines it in full as "a person who travels beyond the earth's atmosphere; also: a trainee for spaceflight."

Astronauts have long been - and continue to be - heroes for children and adults alike. Space is truly the final frontier and many dream of exploring it, whether it's a trip back to the Moon, forming the first human colony on Mars, or further out to the edge of the solar system, the Oort cloud, interstellar space, and beyond.

In today's Digital Age, people have more access to astronauts then ever before. Many, if not most, astronauts are very active on social media, especially twitter and instagram. In fact, now-retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly became one of those most popular people on instagram during his #YearInSpace, where he tweeted stunning pictures of the Earth the International Space Station as well as photos of himself and the ISS crew performing scientific experiments, collecting data, and having fun.

He popularized the hashtag #EarthArt which he used on carefully timed pictures of some of the Earth's most stunning structures and wonders, like this one of Africa:

Here at Astronauts4Hire, we are proud to have have helped many of our members find opportunities in the space industry and in STEM fields that are helping prepare them to take on the commercial space industry with new technology, scientific payloads, and spaceflight training.

We do this by connecting them with online resources, training facilities like The NASTAR Center, and most importantly, each other. There are no better examples of our members' successes than the multiple experiments, projects, and organizations that have flourished from their creativity, collaboration, and ambition.

Astronauts4Hire is currently undergoing a bit of a redesign. We're trying to find even more ways to connect our members with each other and with opportunities that support their goals of working in the commercial space industry.

In the meantime, follow us on facebook and twitter for the latest news from our members and from the space industry.