Membership structure is currently under some redesign, but for the moment, there are currently three different ways that individuals and organizations can participate in Astronauts4Hire. These include becoming an Associate Member, becoming an Advisor, and becoming a Sponsor. If you want to be an A4H member, please join us today! Existing members, you can renew your membership here.

  • Associate Members
    Individuals wanting to be associated with A4H can join as Associate Members. Although they are not eligible for training scholarships or contract jobs like Flight Members, Associate Members gain access to the same training discount benefits as Flight Members and can leverage the organization to build their own astronaut competencies. While not required, motivated Associated Members are encouraged to take an active role in the A4H organization by serving on committees and working on projects to further the cause. This may help one's chances for later opportunities when Flight Member slots become available. Annual dues for Associate Members are currently $40. If you would like to get involved in this capacity, please join A4H today!

    Associate Members - Student
    Any full time student or person with a demonstrated economic hardship may join A4H as an Associate Member at the reduced price of only $25 per year.

  • Advisors
    The Senior Technical Advisory Council (STAC) is comprised of senior experts who are helping shape the A4H training and development plan. Most advisors are former astronauts and astronaut trainers. Qualified technical advisors receive waived A4H membership fees. If you would like to get involved in this capacity, please contact us.

  • Sponsors
    Last, but certainly not least, one can support A4H by donating to the organization and becoming a sponsor. Without sponsors, A4H cannot function. Details on the benefits are available on Sponsor Page.