Commercial astronauts need to be able to apply their considerable knowledge and skills to the tasks for which they have been trained. They must get along well with other members of the crew and have an affinity for teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Commercial astronauts also need self-control, mature judgement, and an equable temperament to cope with stress and to respond to any contingencies that may arise.


A4H astronaut aspirants partake in many different training programs and relevant courses that emphasize the ability to perform missions effectively during all phases of flight as well as in emergency contingencies. Those selected as A4H astronaut candidates possess a unique combination of established scientific expertise, broad technical and operational skills, and a history of activities showing adaptability in challenging environments.

A4H Experiences *

A4H's various training partners and referred courses provide basic knowledge on various technical and scientific disciplines and brings all new astronaut aspirants, who have different professional backgrounds and expertise, to a common minimum knowledge base in subjects of relevance for their future career as a commercial astronaut. Trainees expand their knowledge and expertise in technical disciplines such as spaceflight engineering, aerodynamics, propulsion, orbital mechanics, and science applications like research in microgravity.

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*While we think this preparation will best prepare us for roles as professional commercial astronauts, no industry-wide standard is expressed or implied.